How Do I Schedule a Wedding?

Congratulations on your engagement! We understand this time is full of making plans and excitement, and we’re happy you’re interested in having your wedding at All Saints.

If you have not visited our space, we would love to have you worship with us or stop by during the week to look around. We have a lovely contemporary space that accommodates approximately 225 guests, and feels intimate with smaller groups, too.

Weddings at All Saints are scheduled in coordination with the church calendar and the pastors’ calendars. During the summer months, we have worship at 5:00 on Saturday evening; during those months, Saturday weddings (and all accompanying activities, receiving line, photographs, etc.) at All Saints must be completed by 4:00.

If you desire to have a pastor from All Saints preside at your wedding at a location other than the church that is an option based on availability.

Both pastors require couples to meet for premarital counseling and planning, usually 5-7 sessions. They each use a premarital inventory called PREPARE ( to guide discussions during the sessions. The results of the inventory determine topics that will be covered, but they often include financial management, communication, conflict resolution and family of origin.

All are welcome to be married at All Saints.

If you would like to talk about scheduling a wedding, please connect with us, call the office at 847-991-2080, and speak with one of the pastors.