Worshiping at All Saints

What Should I Expect At Worship?

We happily welcome you to worship at All Saints Lutheran Church. We realize that every congregation or church is a little bit different from each other, and in some cases a lot different! We hope you’ll worship with us and experience our community firsthand.

We rotate through a variety of styles of worship from the Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal, Marty Haugen’s “Now the Feast” communion liturgy, and a contemporary service led by the Praise Band from All Saints.

Worship usually begins with a musical prelude and announcements about upcoming events at our congregation.

worshiping at All Saints

Worship includes singing of hymns, prayers, readings from scripture, a sermon, Holy Communion, and a sending statement as we leave worship. We see worship divided into four parts: we Gather together, hear the Word, are fed at God’s Table, and are Sent into the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Worship lasts about an hour. During that time we sing hymns, hear God’s Word proclaimed, pray for the church, the world, and all in need, and gather around the table for Holy Communion. All are welcome at God’s table; you do not need to be a member of All Saints or even a Lutheran to receive the sacrament.

Not at all! All of the responses, hymns, and prayers from the congregation are printed either in the bulletin or the hymnal. Some people might have the Lord’s Prayer or Apostles’ Creed memorized, and that’s great, but they’re also printed for you to follow along and participate regardless of your memory!

No, there isn’t a dress code. Many people arrive for worship in what might be considered “business casual” attire, but just as many come in jeans or shorts (depending on weather!). We’ll even see the occasional baseball or soccer uniform as families worship before getting to the field. For days like Easter or Christmas, people dress up a bit more, but you’re still welcome no matter what your wardrobe is like.
Nope! During our time of announcements near the beginning of worship, we extend a statement of greeting and welcome to all who gather together for worship on that day. It’s likely that before or after worship, someone will greet you and say hello. If you have questions, we hope you’ll ask them and come back again!

Children’s Sermons

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” – Matthew 19:14

At most every worship service, young children are invited up for a personalized message from one of the pastors. We want children to feel comfortable and welcome in worship. We share God’s word with humor and warmth during this time, and close the time together with prayer. Explaining that day’s readings in simpler terms can be very comforting… for the children, and for the adults!


Our building is accessible with a small step onto a sidewalk at our front door, and a ramp just to the left of that door. The worship space, offices and fellowship space are all on the main level. The lower level has a separate, accessible exterior entrance and can also be accessed through an elevator.

Assistive listening devices (headphones that enhance the sound system) are also available.

While there are many times when we stand during worship, if this is difficult for you, please remain seated. At communion, if kneeling is difficult, you may stand at the rail. If walking is difficult, a pastor will bring communion to you in the pew. Please let an usher know your preference.