How Do I Schedule a Baptism?

Through God’s gift of grace given through water and the Word, we become God’s beloved children.

If you or your child has not been baptized, and desire to make public your faith in God, please talk with one of the pastors. Typically one of them will schedule a time to talk with you in person about baptism and answer any questions you have regarding baptism.

Baptisms are scheduled to take place during worship as the gathered community makes promises to uphold the newly baptized in faith and prayer.

While you do not need to be a member of All Saints to receive the sacrament of baptism for you or your child at All Saints, doing so makes you part of our community. We encourage you to be active in a congregation where you are able to live out your faith in community with others.

If you would like to talk about scheduling a baptism, please connect with us, call the office at 847-991-2080, and speak with one of the pastors.