Church Council

All Saints council members are elected by the congregation to serve a three-year term. Current council members are listed below.

  • Jeff Witt – President
  • Karen Goodlow – Vice President
  • George Buerger – Secretary
  • Dale Gruetzmacher – Treasurer
  • Sandi Bolinger
  • Jen DeFranco
  • Kathy Garner
  • Penny Harney
  • Doug Kuhlman
  • Irene Ohlrich
  • Tom Porzak
  • Bob Schneider
  • Karrie Benjamin – Financial Secretary

Church Committees

The congregation of All Saints is served by a number of standing committees that report to the church council. Each committee is chartered by the council with a specific set of responsibilities. Committee members are members of the congregation and serve as volunteers. Members are appointed by the church council.

Communications Committee
The Communications Committee communicates the programs and ministries of the congregation and larger church through various media forms.

Fellowship Committee
The Fellowship Committee fosters social interaction among members and friends of All Saints by helping with organizing social events.

Leadership Committee
The Leadership Committee fosters an atmosphere in which members are encouraged and enabled to assume leadership roles.

Learning Committee
The Learning Committee assists people of all ages in learning about the Christian faith and in applying that faith in their daily lives. This committee coordinates and supports the church’s educational programs.

Mutual Ministry Committee
The Mutual Ministry Committee helps to clarify and support the shared ministry of the staff, lay leaders, and congregational members.

Outreach/Evangelism Committee
The Outreach Committee welcomes visitors, assists in new member programs, reawakens inactive members, and provides a climate of openness for spiritual growth and witness.

Property Committee
The Property Committee maintains the church building and furnishings and maintains and beautifies the church grounds.

Shepherding Committee
The Shepherding Committee provides care and nurturing ministry to members within a small geographical region.

Social Ministry Committee
The Social Ministry Committee reminds the congregation of the world-wide nature of the gospel and encourages specific mission concerns. It ensures that our church extends Christian compassion and helpfulness to those in need.

Support Committee
The Support Committee drafts the congregational budget and oversees the church’s expenditures and financial policies. It also promotes an expression of faith in daily living by encouraging members to volunteer their time, talents, and treasures.

Worship Committee
The Worship Committee provides and develops meaningful services for our congregation and for outreach to others.

Church Staff

All Saints is blessed with an excellent staff. Our staff members comprise a fine team working together to serve the mission of Christ and of our congregation.

Jennifer Moland-Kovash – Pastor

Seth Moland-Kovash – Pastor

Douglas S. Williams – Director of Music

Victoria Schnackel – Secretary

Sara Cole

Administrative Forms

Time & Talent

We hope that this Time & Talent information helps you in your decision making on which tasks you select to share your talents with All Saints.

If you have any questions or comments about the Time & Talents information listed on this website you can contact the committee chairperson or the Church Office.

All the committee chairpersons are listed in the All Saints member directory. If you don’t have a directory you can contact the Church Office.

Remember that it takes a lot of willing hands to keep a community like All Saints running smoothly and doing all the work to spread the love of Jesus to our community, country, and the world.